Art for Donations

I have been trying to figure out how to help in this time. The idea I came up with is to give some of my art in return for donations to specific organizations. They are my artwork on paper - drawings, woodcut prints, and stencils.

The idea is that you pick the art piece you want and then make a donation. The first organization to donate to is Amnesty International. (See the donation link below)
E-mail me at or Facebook me and tell me which piece of art you want. When you donate, I will send the art to you. Donate what you can. $20 would be good, but whatever you want to donate, more or less than that is fine for each piece.

All of these are on paper so I can easily and cheaply mail them to you. I have so many more drawings, when these start getting taken I will put more up.

There are a lot of organizations I would like to help, so I will change the organization as things move on. I've never done anything like this before so hopefully it will work and any suggestions would be fine.

The link to donate is

or click Amnesty International

woodcut prints

Cambodian Nun, 7"x4"

Brazilian man at restaurant, 9"x6"

Playing checkers in Brazil, 6"x8"


These are all around 12" x 9"

Pregnant woman

Cambodian Nun

Rainbow horse

Woman on the beach in Brazil

Brazilian woman


drawings - pen, pencil, watercolor all around 9"x12"


Non abstract from different countries

Brazilian woman

Brazilian woman dreaming

Brazilian woman

Flower in Cambodia

Flower in Sri Lanka

Love girl

Brazilian girl

Drawing for Interntional Women's day 2018

New York City worker


Me drawing

My logo for the Witness to Violence project


Autumn maple leaf


Cambodian bull


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