Outdoor Sculpture and Installations

Flying Sculpture

Installation at the Flying Horse Sculpture Art Exhibit
at Pingree School in South Hamilton MA, 2019
painted steel, stainless steel, glass

"Peace Dove"
Library in Woodstock, Vermont 2018
welded steel

Ice Sculpture

"Coyote Howling"
Winter Carnival, Greenfield MA, 2018

"St. Bernard"
Winter Carnival, Greenfield MA, 2014

"Valentine Ice Girl"
Winter Carnival, Greenfield MA, 2013

Installation at Sculpturefest, Woodstock VT, 2014

"The Buddha Plays Chess"
wood, steel, tile mosaic, gold leaf

Installation at Barre VT, 2012
Installation at Sculpturefest, Woodstock VT, 2013

"Fountain of Wonder"
steel, gold leaf

Installation at Art in the Park, Worcester MA, 2011
Permanent installation at Three Sister's Sanctuary, Goshen MA 2013

"Sky Sphere"
steel, glass, gold leaf

Climate Change?
Installed at Western New England College and at the Northampton Center for the Arts in 2009
The lizards are made from copper wire recycled from discarded electric motors and acrylic paint

Installation at Sculpturefest, Woodstock VT

"4 directions", 2008
copper, bronze, brass, marble

"Emergence", 2006
ferrocement, mosaic (marble, smalti, mirror)

"Floating World", 2005
steel, glass, gold leaf

Installation at Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood 2005, Stockbridge MA

"He Who Kills Another Destroys a World"
wood, mosaic, ferrocement, grapevines, gold leaf

Amoozon Rain Forest
Life-sized painted fibreglass cow done for Cowparade New York, Summer 2000


Boston Cod Dreaming of the Carribean
Life-sized painted codfish done for Calvalcade of Cod, Boston, Autumn 2000

Sculpture made from dissected violin for Art of the Violin,
Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra Benefit, Pioneer Valley MA, 2003

Wanna Dance?
5' tall fiberglass sneaker painted for Art and Soles, Springfield MA, Summer 2010

This became the center of a big controversy as the sponsoring organization spay painted painted over the (non-nude) pole dancer on the underside of the sole when they installed the piece.

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Springfield Sunday Republican, August 12, 2010

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