What others have said about From Brutality to Hope

"From Brutality to Hope gives the viewer the clarity of individual women's experiences of the terrorism of battering. I sat amazed at women's strength in the retelling. I wept for the loss of the once vibrant lives of women and children who have been murdered. No words can speak the impact of battering like the words of victim survivors. This film gives witness to the extensive work we have to do to end male violence. This film makes you listen."
Kathleen O'Neill Alexander
Coordinator of Community Education and Staff Development
District Attorney’s Office, Northampton MA

"Our participation in Witness to Violence was at once a healing, an empowerment, a connecting and an affirmation. In its simplicity Witness to Violence has a personal meaning to each person who participates in it. From Brutality to Hope captures the power of the work to bring this message to those who did not have the opportunity to experience it themselves."
Joan Mintz Ulmer
Director of Development and Public Relations
Women Against Abuse, Philadelphia PA

"From Brutality to Hope chronicles a year long, movable, public art project dramatizing the impact of domestic violence on American society. Called Witness to Violence, it conveys simply and effectively the unrelenting occurrence of this violence. The video adds personal stories to the names we see on a large canvas signed by survivors of this violence. At a time when many of us have become numb to statistics about violence, From Brutality to Hope is a positive reminder that there are real people behind those numbers and that they are part of the larger human family to which we all belong."
Richard Orton
School Education Coordinator
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Austin TX

"From Brutality to Hope is a deeply penetrating testament to the experience of domestic violence, speaking the truth through straightforward personal stories and images."
Colleen Stewart
New York, NY

"From Brutality to Hope is impressive. I have used this tape in graduate courses that I teach as well as seminars that I give and it always receives the highest reviews. It is important that this valuable and innovative work be recognized and shared with many."
Annie Lewis O'Connor MSN,MPH
Pediatric and Ob-Gyn Nurse Practitioner
Co-Chair, Massachusetts Nurses Association - Task Force on Domestic Violence
Adjunct Faculty: Northeastern and Boston University

"From Brutality to Hope captures the heartfelt struggles of the women and men who participated in Witness to Violence, and almost more importantly, the stories and feelings felt by those who have been touched by the awful hand of violence. Rarely does a film connect with the soul the way this one does -- a must see for any man or woman."
Adam Hinds
Wesleyan University

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